February 18th, 2004

Angel (John)

I can't breathe!

Oh my fucking god! I actually won in two categories for the Sparky's. This is the first time EVER!!

The results for all Categories are up here.

Whoever voted in the final round for me...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: I'm in Weird Al heaven here with Germ R Us. It's really cool, at least to me and my sick sense of humor. *g*

ETA 2: Now that I've calmed down a bit. (I had to call my mom and tell her about the results and got the 'that's nice' deal. Congrats to everyone that was in this walking heart attack, and I still don't know how the hell the Luvfest(tm) won. *g*
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Angel (John)


Just a little prezzie for thehallway. *g*

I'm almost done with the John/Larraq story by the way girl. You going to beta it for me so I don't sound like a damn page out of a romance novel?