February 6th, 2004

Angel (John)

and fire rained upon them

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Talking with some friends after I was up. Suddenly I just bust out crying for no damn reason, and I couldn't stop for like 15 min. Read fbf's drabble on farscapefriday and it cheered me up.

Now...I want to read or write about death and destruction. I want to read about Crichton putting the major hurt on people. I think I'll go read halcyon_shift's story Summer Holiday series again. Put me in my happy place. *g*
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Angel (John)

this should be fun

Finally found my way and joined the_sporkys. This should be a lot of smutty fun. *g*

While I couldn't get a spork icon to work. I did do these up for people if they want them.

Now, I'll try and get some sleep. I don't think it's good that I currently have the attention span of a rock.
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