January 27th, 2004

Angel (John)

on the road again

Well, my obsession is almost complete now. I have every episode of Farscape on tape. Almost all of them on DVD..hehe Picked up 4.2 today at Best Buy along with the CD by the group Finger Elevan.

Now I have almost all of the episodes on CDrom. I had saved almost all of the last half of the 4the seson from Bit torrent when they first aired. I had BHTB, but it was a bad download and wouldn't save onto disk for me. So I lost it when I did a 'dirty' system restore.

The beautiful cathy1967 then sent me the episode, but again it wasn't meant for me to have it on disk because it came across at 800MB and was too big to save on disk. And I just lost it again when I had to do a destructive system restore trying to fix the memory problems with my computer.

I think I wasn't meant to have this damn episode on disk. *rolls eyes* Anyway, now the only episodes I don't have are:

A Perfect Murder
Coup By Clam
Unrealized Reality
and Bringing Home The Beacon

The only reason I wanted the episodes on CD is because I've started trying to make my first music video. This stuff is..whoa! LOL
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Angel (John)

(no subject)

This is just a little random deal that popped into my head. I'm just throwing it on here so I don't forget about it. Maybe I can put it in a fic sometime.


Walls shatter the restless heart with the ease of a windstorm in the night. Calm fingers touch delicate skin. Eyes remain closed in fear of the unknown. But still you move on, closing the distance to quite the tears that stream down her face.

ETA: neuroscpr has written a beautiful late season 2 fic called Whispers Of A Nameless Fear