January 15th, 2004

Angel (John)

...and I'm spent.

I threw in my last deal to the discussion on Kansas. Not much really, I just let them know that if they wanted to get really into a discussion on slash in fanfic, there was a thread for them on the Dark Brigade.

thehallway is, I'm hoping I understood her correctly, going to do a sequel to the fic I posted here yesterday. She put it up on Kansas *snicker* with the title 'Feeling This'.

There has been an announced date for Ben's part in the Collapse ) I'm actually looking forward to this movie despite my natural regurg reflex to the series.

Okay, I noticed a funny thing on life_on_queen's lj...the theblacklist I couldn't help but giggle my ass off. I wanna plaaaay! Why is it all the cool kids get to play but me. *g*

Off to get Chiana and Aeryn all worked up.
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