January 11th, 2004

Angel (John)

Paint me pink and call me Slappy

Holy Shit! I just found out that I have 20 nominations for the Sparky's with different fics, the main one though is Harbinger of Sorrow. *jaw dropping* Well, 19 since one was for The Dark Brigade. Why do I feel like someone stuffed a ballot box?

The Luvfest got nominated! Who ever did it...THANK YOU!!

I'm about to try and experiment cooking my vegtable beef stew. I'll let you know if I poison my family by accident. *g*

I got to see a deleted scenes of CoD and am floored at what they cut out of that episode. Oh my god...John actually says fuck em in the 'Tell' scene with Olivia. They make it look like it's fuzzed out a split second..but he says it. There's more to the scene then just that, but I just really like that John says it..LOL

I'm going through Kansas withdrawal dammit. I need my fix!
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Hardened (John)

Farscape Fic: Running Oblivion

Author's Notes:
I have had something bugging me for a couple days, and I ended up writing this. Thanks to halcyon_shift for the title help. Also for being my moral compass and having me tell people that this isn't a happy fic. *eg* You know it's screwed up now. All mistakes are mine, and all feedback welcome.
AU after DMD
Not mine...If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

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