December 27th, 2003

Angel (John)

Ma, are we there yet?

I've spent 2 days watching TV, and it wasn't Farscape. Well, today shouldn't count because I spent it watching DVDs my brother loaned me. Watched League of Extrodinary Gentlemen and Terminator 3.

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halcyon_shift has a cool hurt-comfort John/Chiana ficlet over on her lj. I liked it muchly. Of course..that's my thing. Okay part of my thing. I'm very diversified in my love of pain in fanfic.

Are there any bunny wranglers out there? These little sons of bitches won't leave me alone. I can handle three, but no more than that. I'm giving them away to good homes.

One more thing in case no one noticed it with the holiday traveling. On the 18th I had put up a challenge for John/John slash fics since there only seems to be one. Well two if you count the one kixxa did for farscapefriday a long time ago, but that was more of 3 Johns taking turns with Aeryn. (still like very much. *g*) Anyway, this is the last time I'm going to mention it if no one decides to write one.
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