December 23rd, 2003

Angel (John)

Did the karma factory finally decide to dish out something good?

Because there is no way I should have friends as good as I've found. I got in the mail yesterday, One John Crichton plaque, signed by Ben Browder. I knew it was coming, and I had seen them at the con, but my god...that is a pretty sight when it's in my hand. It was a mixture birthday/christmas prezzie from my friend Erica. The woman is too damn nice to me.
When she had ordered it, she told them to ship it to me, but this is the Creation shipping dept we are talking about and the package went to her in Orlando instead. She got very ticked because she paid $30 for shipping/handling, then had to put out some more money to ship it to me from her house.

She looked at the invoice that came with it, and said the description stated: John Crichton, Big Gun in Hand. Commence the immediate giggles from me as my mind slid into the gutter.

We then spent the next half hour laughing our asses off as we started throwing out lines of dialogue for a possible late 1st/early 2nd season fic where Aeryn tells John to quit playing with his gun because it may go off prematurely, but of course it all sounded smutty. *g*

fbf knows me too well and offered (if she was able to give it to me) a xmas gift of guest role on Farscape and a transcriber for my stories. God, I could use one of those bigtime. Too many story ideas and I have fingers that are tired of typing. Really need to get one of those machines that automatically take your thoughts and turn them into typed pages. Oh yeah, they don't have those yet. LOL

My mom was in my room last night wrapping presents and she didn't realize that I have sound bites from the show on my computer. When ixchup IM'd me last night, mom got the crap scared out of her because all of a sudden there was John saying (full blast) 'It's like deja vu all over again.' I laughed my butt off because she told me to mute it because it creeped her out that my computer talks. *giggle* Wait til she sees what I do to hers. *eg*

If I don't get any other chance, I just want to say to everyone.

Happy Holidays and I hope you all have safe travels and your families don't drive you totally insane. *hug*
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