December 21st, 2003

Angel (John)

imitation broccoli

I just got several brushes for photoshop, and I can't wait to play with them. Only problem is, where the hell do I unzip the files to?

Mom's home now, Grandma has surprised the hell out of the Drs and they are sending her home on Monday with a home nurse. They're still saying she can die at anytime because her heart is still getting weaker. Hell, no damn duh! The woman is 91!

Keeping the kids out of the Christmas presents is driving us insane, same as every year. I can't really gripe because I knew I was getting the new 4.1 and bugged my mom until she forked it over then commenced to do the happy dance around the house and recieving strange looks from the kids. So the usual.

Basically been vegging out the last couple of days on the DVD and have watched Promises 3 times now. I hated this episode when it first aired, don't know why. Same with The Way We Weren't. Now I'm in the blown away camp. The acting from everyone in this episode left me breathless and my basic reaction through it was Holy Shit! The nuances of each person as they moved with/around the others is perfect.
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