December 12th, 2003

Angel (John)

found my happy place

Dkev finally finished the video 'Behind Blue Eyes' last night and he let me help out with clip selection on this video. He didn't want to do this song at first because he hated the speak-n-spell thing in the middle of it. I suggested maybe taking out the audio for that section and putting in a dialog clip. He did so much better. *vbg* This will rip you up because it fits John so perfectly.

I haven't wanted to write the last few days, which is a bitch because I wanted to have the 2 Johns fic done by christmas. Unless I mainline caffine..this aint going to happen. My fingers just aren't fast enough to type up 30 pages of story that damn fast. Then there's the sad fact that I lose my train of thought quite frequently. LOL

I keep getting damn ideas for fics or possible fics I should say. My damn brain is full of these. I'm almost at the point I just want my Santa Mickey Mouse and curl up in a ball.
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