November 29th, 2003

Angel (John)

Not again!

Okay, this crap has got to stop. I'm talking about the totally fucked up dreams. This time I wasn't even asleep for long before it hit.

I was lying in bed and I heard a rumbling noise and thought it was an airplane, suddenly there was an explosion. My mom came in the bedroom and asked me if I had heard that. I said yes, but it was just an airplane. She told me it wasn' was a missle. We heard a rumbling again and I climbed out of bed and followed her outside. We then watched as something streaked across the sky, then watched as it crashed several miles away. Then another one streaked across...then another. I said I think it would be better if we went inside the house. To be honest, I was terrified. There was another one and it crashed closer then the others.

That's when I woke up. It was so damn real feeling I went to ask my mom if any others had crashed and if there was anything on the news about it. My nephews were still up and playing in the bedroom, but my mom had apparently been asleep for a little bit. So it had all been another screwed up dream. These are seriously getting on my nerves here.

One plus side for today, I'm finishing up the typing of the Scorpy/John luvfest and should be sending it to the lovely and talented kernezelda for her beta approval before posting here.

ETA: I have my photo op pics of me with Ben and Claudia up.;action=display;threadid=11776
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Angel (John)

a tale of two battles

Dear friends and family,

My battle has been a long one. Through many hours I have fought long and hard, and I think I have found the end to the Mêlée. The pop ups were ferocious, but I do believe I have won. Now while others have helped me, I have continued to fight, not only porn pop up hell, but also one of my own design. The plot bunnies, the evil plot bunnies have tried to lead me astray from my goal and I think I have finally conquered them and the end of the luvfest is near.

I must go now, the voices have begun to call me back once more and I must answer them. Fairwell for now, and I hope to be sending good news to you soon.

Much love,
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