November 28th, 2003

Angel (John)

I survived!

...sort of. No one died, although 3 of my nieces came close because despite the 400 times I told all 7 of the kids to stay out of the kitchen. They decided to 'help' by cutting the pumpkin pies...into little bitty squares.

My mom got upset because my sister was always the one to help her with cooking the dinner, and she was stuck with my non-cooking self. I talked her into doing a eggnog toast to Tina. Mom made a face as she tasted it, and said she never could figure out how the heck me and Tina loved that stuff. But she finished the drink. Then the woman said I had to make the deviled eggs, I told her I didn't know didn't work dammit. I got stuck making the suckers.

To recover from this monstrosity of a day, I indulged myself with a personal Farscape marathon. Tried to get through most of Season 3 last night starting at Different Destinations. I finished 9 hours of it, before I nodded off. I'm fixing to finish it up because right now I can't see straight to type much today.

Had another freaky dream again. Collapse )
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