November 16th, 2003

Angel (John)

still alive...I think

Sorry I haven't reported in like I said, so many things to do and the weekend is just not long enough. Let's just say for now, I am definitely coming back next year...even if I have to rob a bank to do it.

Between lost luggage, not enough money for everything, and too much alcohol....It's been a lot of fun.

Yes, at the prompting of others. I gave Ben a copy of Happy Birthday, along with a picture my 11 year old niece made. It's really hard to tell if he realized it was a fanfic, but on the cover it said by Kazbaby, Based on the episode written by Ben Browder. I didn't want to sign it, but was told by couple of friends that it would be nice to put a little note to him inside it along with my email addy so he can possibly tell me if he liked it. (I expect to hear from lawyers instead)

The man is even more gorgeous in person than on the show, and I think now I appreciate his acting even more because up close I could see a major difference between him and John...can't really describe it..but it's cool as hell.

Okay, full con report will appear her in the coming days.
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