November 5th, 2003

Angel (John)

What did I get myself into here?

Well, I did it. I started a messege board to be a home for Dark fic. I would like to name it after the deal that, I think, spoonishly started. The Dark Brigade. That's what I got up for was 2 am and I was trying to come up with names for different stuff.

Only thing change some things gotta know html. And I don't! I played with it a little and changed the background color at least, but for the life me I can't figure out how to get rid of the green/blue bit. I'm also trying to make a banner for it. Right now I just have my avatar up.

But you'll be able to post nothing but dark fic, also discuss it. Or other stuff like that. Right now it's Farscape oriented, but if you write other fandoms and want to post them there, and there are enough requests for it. That's cool too. I can set up a section for those others as well.

To tell you I will need help really setting this up...I screwed up the registration form and the addy is wrong at the moment..LOL (I wanted it to say 'darkfic' instead of my name) *rolling eyes*

So please check it out, and if you have any suggestions...let me know.

ETA: I've gotten the addy changed to

So I'm learning..*g*
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Angel (John)


I'm looking at these html cheat sheets and I think I got the color changed for the board...but zip, nada, nothin! *bangs head against desk*

One good thing though, cathy1967 has made a fucking awesome banner for the site. I can't wait to put it up!!

Now I have to go to the dentist again...something about measuring my teeth. WTF?! I just hope the same bitch isnt working on me.
Angel (John)


I got the banner up for the Dark Brigade board. Now all I need is for people start posting their fics. LOL thehallway put up one of her fics so I wouldn't look so weird.

I'm going to put up more of my own that I've done. So if you got some you want to post..go for it.

And YES...I'm still trying to get rid of the teal shit...but ixchup is going to help me out there.

One more thing...Can you all send good vibes and prayers over her way. Her mom's in the hospital and she's doing pretty bad at the moment.