October 24th, 2003

Angel (John)

What's the deal?

Almost my entire life, since I was able to read anyway, I have always gravitated towards the darkness in a character. Especially the hero of a story turning evil, or doing bad things themselves that they normally wouldn't do.

You could say it floats my boat, tickles my fancy...or a bunch of other little cliches that fit that description.

And this compulsion to see this was never more prominent than since I started watching John Crichton. I see this sweet, funny guy growing more dark as the seasons progress...and I want to see him bad. When he started to not take shit off of anyone in Season 3 I was beside myself with happiness and saying 'It's about fucking time.' Especially during WSS:FA when he Collapse )

What's bad is I miss the gentleness of the way he was in beginning of Season 1 as well. Talk about mixed up...LOL
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