October 10th, 2003

Angel (John)

I 'need' a mind frell...

I have read just about every damn mind frell fic there is out there I think. All of Mayaan's for sure. AND I NEED MORE DAMMIT!

I'm like having some serious mind fuck withdrawl here. I have an addiction and it'S seeing John balls to the wall screwed with, insane, evil and just anything within those categories.

Either I need to go into a detox or I'm going to end up writing something new that I'm going to regret.

and Cathy dear...I know my b-day fic is coming up. *kiss* But I have a craving right now..LOL
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Angel (John)

Hell Yeah!

I got an email that Penumuel is writing part 14 of 'The Red and the Black'!!!!! She finally got her season 2 DVDs and has started it. *rubbing hands greedily* I have been waiting on this almost a year, and can't wait to see where she goes with it.

For those that have not read it.


It's got John/Scorpy and John/Crais slash in it, but it follows the exact story line still of season 1. It's as if you have a behind the scenes look as to what happened to John when the camera wasn't showing us.
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