September 11th, 2003

Angel (John)

Me? A writer?

ixchup got me to thinking when she started downing her writing ability on her LJ. That's how I view myself and my writing. I read all of these great writers and their amazing fic and start to wonder at my own ability.

I read stuff by, fbf, kernezelda, kixxa, and so many others and I wonder...what in the hell are people sniffing when they say I'm a great writer and love my fic.

For some reason, my stories always fall on the dark side of what could have happened in the Farscape cannon. One scene can suddenly turn into so much dark potential. 9/10 of what I write leans in that direction. Not only does that count the fics that I have done, but also the one I'm currently writing. I also have a LG/M fic that has the potential to become a monster fic, only right now it's just something I cannot completely see. I also have the 2 Johns fic of one possiblity that could have resulted from the presence of the Energy rider being on Moya.

Several people have asked about a sequel for To Serve. I never entended for there to be a sequel, they rode off into the fic world sunset. I don't see a sequel, I've tried to write the basics of it down, but there is no real plot. So it doesn't want to be written by me, but I'm letting ixchup have a go at it and she's hit a block on it as well. The same with a sequel to Harbinger of Sorrow, which I can potentially see does have a sequel, but I have to find it. Scaper57 on the Kansas board has come up with a fic idea inspired by ScaperRed and Jules27's fic Fate's Gamble which I may merge with my Dark John. The idea is still buzzing around in my head at the moment. I have so many fics begun and trying to work on...I think my head is going to explode at times.

I will say this, reading ScaperRed's notes on the collaberation between her, Jule, and myself. I busted out crying, I've had people say they like my stuff before...but what she said just hit something in me and I just folded up like a little girl and sobbed..hard. I couldn't thank her enough for kind words. I didn't write that much in the story itself, only John's capture and death scene, and Aeryn's torture at Grayza's hand, then Scorpius trying to convince her to join him. That is definately their fic. It still amazes me how they wrote it. Hell, you all should have seen the outline. It read like a fic itself.

My stuff definately pales in comparison. Yes, I know that each person has a distinct style. One that they can definately call their own and shine. But I just wish that I could get what I see in my head down on 'paper'. The images in my head are far more breathtaking, dark, and at times terrifying than what I can ever describe adequately.

God...this has turned into a ramble. This is the result of me thinking too much before I've finished my first cup of coffee in the morning. Auh!
Angel (John)

Plot Bunnies are contagous

I asked LithiumDoll halcyon_shift about her fic Alter Adiem and she said it's at a slight stand still at the moment, but she started writing a evil, violent fic just for little ole me. Go check it out...and that's just the first chapter. *evil chuckle* Oh this is going to hurt so damn good.

She's adding more parts to her LJ as the day progresses and she finishes a section. I am soooooooooo on cloud nine right now!!!
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