August 15th, 2003

Angel (John)

I feel totally empty now...

I posted the final part of Harbinger of Sorrow a little bit a go. What started out as a cool idea for a short story turned out to be over a hundred pages and probably a thousand dollars worth of anti-psychotic medication.

Thanks for the nod fbf I really appreciate what you said. And I still say I'm the female of the species, despite actions saying otherwise. :-)

I'll posting the story in all it's glory on Leviathan a day or so.

Now time to sit back, relax, drink a few beers and chill with Harry Potter.

And In a week or so, after I finish unwinding, I'll finish my 2 Johns fic.
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Angel (John)

I'm bored now...

Okay, what the hell is this? I'm bored now that the story is done! Typical woman, can never be truely satisfied.

Well, I posted the story at Leviathan a little bit ago, but my italics in the story didn't fucking show up. So right now, it's just goddamn confusing!!! But hopefully the archivist can help out on that.

Click on the pic of Cold John to go to the story there
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