July 18th, 2003

Angel (John)

And you wonder why people go postal

You know my day off was suppose to be an easy day. Get up, go to the insurance agency get my insurance from Betty transfered to Talyn, then go to tag agency and do the same there with the tag. But noooooooooooo...
Get to the insurance agency, they don't know where my file is cause the office I went to closed. I had assumed cause this was the next closest one..it would go there. Nope, not going to happen. It was a sent to an office way out of my way. They said 5 minute drive...almost 40 mother fucking minutes to get to the goddamn place!! I had my nephew with me and the poor baby was pouring sweat by the time got there and he had fallen asleep in the truck, so naturally he had a stiff neck on top of that.
Onto the tag agency. The line was pretty quick..gotta give them that for effiency...but the guy I bought Talyn from signed the damn title in the wrong spot! So now I gotta hunt him down and have him sign the title in the right spot and an affidavit saying he signed it in the wrong spot. You know..you'd think they would just see the obvious and it's c0rrection and move on in life. Stupid fucking bureauocrats.
After all this...me and Dale got sick from being out in the heat for so long. But I made it up to Dale...I bought him an IBC root beer and cause of the bottle, he's going around telling people I let him have a beer and he won't give up the bottle...LOL Hey! He's 5 what can you expect.

And Talyn still isn't completely legal yet. I at least got a temp tag and no one can touch me about the insurance for a few more days...thank god.

Okay...enough bitchin..
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