June 22nd, 2003

Angel (John)

Thank the Goddess!

I am finally done with Harbinger of Sorrow! Halle-fucking-lluah!!!!!
All I have to do is proof it and send it to the wonderful FBF. Who I'm afraid is going to find a ton wrong with it. I have never had such a tough time with a fic's voice before. What's bad is I had it all in my head where I wanted this to go. But nooo...Grayza had to be a bitch and give me a hard time...LOL I think I need to give up writing before it drives me schizophrenic. AHHHHH!!!!
But of course if I stop writing, my head will explode with the story ideas I keep having.

It's weird...Jeremy at work actually asking me to write him a story to go along with his class assignment, but hey...it's all cool. I love his drawings and computer pics. They actually gave me a great idea for a little short story they were so beautiful.
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Angel (John)

I want my damn car back!

I am really missing my car now...I've been using my mother's pick up for the last few weeks I hate it! It's too big and constantly leaks oil, and you have to climb inside the engine to add oil to it. I just went to add more oil to the fucking thing and because it's raining, my foot slipped and I fell out and my leg caught on the side of the engine compartment. Now I have this huge scrap and gash on the back of my knee, right where my leg bends. Fuck! This is going to really hurt before the night is over with.

Yeah, I sound like a big baby...but this is a bad booboo...LOL Now I have to wear shorts into work where it is an ice box. There is no way I can wear jeans with this.
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