June 6th, 2003

Angel (John)

Fic: My Sweet...Forever My Dear

Thank fucking God..the kids are in Day Camp. I've been enjoying a very nice relaxing day.

Last night I watched a Farscape video by Cathy1967. She used Diamond Rio's song 'Your Gone' and footage from The Choice. Afterwards I had one of those nagging story ideas and this came up.

My Sweet...Forever My Dear.

Putting the last of her clothing on the shelf, Aeryn thought back to what she had been told on the Command Carrier. "We've ran the tests...you are correct. The child carries John Crichton's DNA." She smiled at the doctor's reaction when she asked for the baby to be released from the stasis. Just as the smile formed on her lips, it fell. She didn't know when she would get a chance to tell John about the baby being released.

She had just gotten back with him, but now she understood that she should have waited to ask him if he wanted the baby now...with everything they had gone through within the last monen. Would he be ready for the idea that in six monens time there would be a new life on Moya. One that would change everything forever between them.

"Penny for your thoughts..." A voice asked behind her, turning she laughed to see him standing there in the doorway holding a flower in his hand.

"Where did you get a flower out here? We haven't been to a commerce planet since..." Her voice trailed off at the memory of her painful capture.

Stepping forward quickly, John kissed her lips, "Hey...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to bring back a bad memory. I just wanted to give you a gift. To show you that I will always love you."

Tilting her head upward slightly to look into his eyes, she could see the love shining in them. It seemed as if cycles had been erased from his face as he looked at her."I know you didn't. They just come on suddenly at times. I'm sure that will lessen eventually."

John nodded his head as he smiled at her once more; taking his fingers he closed her eyes as spoke, "My sweet...Bring me tonight into your arms...Let me look at the light and life of worlds in your eyes...Know forever you are in my heart, my dreams...I surrendered to your powers long and long ago...I live on within the soul of another...Forever my dear I am in your heart."

"That's beautiful John, where did you learn that?" When she recieved no answer, she opened her eyes to see she was standing in the room alone. As she went to look for him out in the corridor, she realized she was holding the flower in her hand.

Bringing the flower to her nose, she inhaled it's sweet aroma. At that moment, John walked into the room. "Hey baby, are you ready?" He noticed what she held in her hands, "Where did you get that from? It looks like a rose." Leaning over he sniffed it, "Definately smells like a rose too, it's beautiful."

"Yes, it is. Where did you say we were going?" She asked as he bent down beside the bed and lifted up the mattress. Whatever he took from underneath it, quickly went into his pocket.

She tried to recover from her shock as she suddenly knew what had just happened to her, who had really given her the rose. Turning her back to John, she quickly wiped away the tears that began to well up in them.

She smiled as John placed his hands on her hips and turned her back towards him. "Well...since we're going to do it right now, I'll tell you. I'm taking you on a boat ride my little lady."

"A bo...a boat ride. Where in the frell did we get a boat from?" Laughing as she said the words, she could see John trying to keep from laughing himself at the idea of a boat on a Leviathan.

"This was something I was planning when we were still on Earth...for when we finally rid ourselves of ol' Leatherface." Looking down at the rose in her hand, "So you going to tell me where you got the flower from?"

"Of course, but can it wait until after we get back from our boat ride?"

As he nodded his head, she decided then that she would never keep another secret from him ever again, starting with the baby. She knew that this baby was already loved by John Crichton, but now she would wait until they had a moment alone...with no interruptions after she told him. Taking the flower, she put it into a cup and placed it on the table in the center of the room.

"I'm glad this will give us a few microts alone. It seems we never get a chance to just be by ourselves." John said as he grabbed her coat.

Taking one last look into the room, it seemed as if the petals of the rose spread outward as if they were outstretched arms. As she took this one last look, she knew that everything was going to be fine when she told John about the baby.

The End