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This is a quote from Rockne O'Bannon about the future of Farscape at a recent con, and comes from the NYCareascapers list.

There will be more Farscape (yay!!!), they are just waiting to see how Firefly's Serenity is doing before deciding if they want to go to feature or do another mini. Brian Henson wants to do a feature, so if Serenity does good, it will give Brian help to convince investors. If Serenity does not do good, it won't mean there will be no more Farscape, it just means that it's gonna be more work for Brian to interest investors. All in all, there will be more Farscape!

Dude, there was no doubt in my mind that there wouldn't be anymore Farscape, it's too good!

I did such a good job on my baby, now my mom wants me to reformat her computer since it's a piece of crap. Maybe if I reformat it, the desktop icons will stay in place and it'll actually keep the time. She's had this thing for over a year and it's given her nothing but problems from day one. Does she call the Dell tech support? Nooooooo...she calls ME. Which I play with it, clean it up, get it going decently, and then she lets the kids onto it where they download fifty million pieces of crap off of cartoonnetwork.com and disney.com, and she wonders why she's got spyware out the wazoo.

Mom did it ever occur to you that I'm not a computer expert? I'm just a bit luckier than most when it comes to messing with them.

Looking for my Dreamweaver disc, I found an 'interactive' Farscape disc with the font, and some attempt at making the desktop a Farscape theme, this last part appears to be incomplete, but I did get some of the cursors to work for me. If anyone is interested in it, let me know. I'll upload the zip file to yousendit.

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