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Author's Note: Just something that I've wanted to do for quite a while, but couldn't figure out how to do so until yesterday while listening to music. Futurefic, and a couple of spoilers for PKWars. Thank you Sarahjane for the quickie beta. All other mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

Carved In Stone

He stands silently, neck craning upward, eyes squinting into the early evening sun. Enraptured. Taking in every line and crevice.

One step forward brings him closer to gingerly place a finger on the stone. Its grainy texture was surprisingly smooth to the touch, subtle browns and reds a sharp contrast to the paleness of his skin. The colors were warm, vivid, bringing the figure to life for those that stopped and viewed it.

Much like the man in front of him.

They had told him the stories many times. Often enough to almost believe they weren’t real. Something to appease a child’s fears and push away the dark. He’d stopped asking to hear them more than a cycle ago, when he became a man. After all, he was ten cycles old.

But now, he’s not so sure they were make believe.

Above him, he can see deep set of the brows, eyes hidden from view. A slight curve of cheek, easing way to the fine lines of beard falling down to the chest. He wanted to see more.

The sun sinks lower. Light shifts, and the face changes.

A face worn by too much seen in too short a time, the eyes guarded. But there was softness there too, hidden, but only just below the surface. It showed wisdom earned. Love and loyalty that was there to be given if asked for.

The man’s shoulders were wide, strong, and appeared to have the ability to hold a great deal. But looking more closely, he could see the slight hunch and downward curve from the weight against them. Gaze falling down the length of statue, he read the simple plaque. One word, repeated five times, each in a different language. He knew them all.

Stepping back, chest puffed out in pride, he smiled.

Now, he believed his parents, and was proud to bear the name of their friend and companion.

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