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I need help from you guys.

Today is one of my nephew's b-day, he just turned 11. I told him that since I didn't have the money for his present which actor was his favorite and I'd play with picture in photoshop for him so it can be printed out and hung on his bedroom wall. I figured /hoped it would be a cartoon character.

He said the Rock, Van Helsing, and Van Diesel (sp?) from when he was in Fast and the Furious.

Can you guys like point me in the right direction for decent quality pics?

Now off to eat hotdogs, give my slice of cake away, and watch ITLD with dad. Yesterday we watched 4 hours of Farscape, only for him to fall asleep during BHTB. (it was late for him by that time)

Gotta get in the epis before BSG tonight!

And that the hell is with the update journal button bouncing up and down? I thought I was flipping out!

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