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Woke up this morning feeling totally spaced out. I fell back asleep while sitting on the couch watching the morning news with my coffee cup in my hand. lol I didn't even notice when dad took it from me. He told me I got up then and went back to my room and fell back asleep until 2:30pm.

I don't remember this or starting the download for the new Dr. Who. Hell, there are several things that I did that I don't remember doing. Including posting replies on Kansas and on sdwolfpup's lj. If it was like sleepwalking, I haven't done that in years.

I woke up, it was finished and I was like WTF?

I just finished watching it and I fucking love it. It was so nice to be able to enjoy it again since it's been since I was about 15 since the last time I watched it.

Mom asked me to babysit for her while she picks up someone at the airport in a little bit. I'm going to put on a scary movie dvd and have them chill out.

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