Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

New Vid by kernezelda: Careening

A month or so ago Kernezelda put up her video ideas for this song. I'd never heard it at that time, so I got a copy and listened to it and it kind of grew on me. So I told her that I'd try and do the video with her clip ideas and I really loved her ideas for the lyrics. I thought they fit wonderfully.

So this is technically her video.

Thea introduced me to the Jude song, "I Will Not Die" last year. It really struck a chord. I got the idea for a vid, but lack the skill to create my own, as yet. Kazbaby kindly took the vision in my head and translated it image for image to the screen. This is that vid.

Thank you, Kaz, so very, very much.


Right-click and save, please, to preserve bandwidth.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do.
Tags: vids

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