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Fixing to go help mom cook the food, I so don't want to do it since I've only had like 2 hours sleep. I had my two oldest neices hide the eggs this year instead of me play 'HarveyBunny'.

I see that look there. It's not my fault on that. My youngest niece V. saw Harvey in the bunny suit just before Easter a couple years ago and has been calling it that ever since.

(This part here is so I can keep track on those damn plot bunnies, it's nothing really a short piece of convo about my lj post last night on John and wormholes.)

Kaz: He totally zoned didn't he? I don't think he can help himself really.

sarahjane: Yeah, he's out of it. So what do you think. Aeryn or wormholes at the end?

Kaz: Your story?

sarahjane: I mean the series

Kaz: Oh! I think Aeryn towards the end of the series, he's gotten a grip on the wormhole stuff within him. He can control how it overtakes him. At least for the most part anyway. There's probably more to it that he'd have to learn to hold onto.

sarahjane: I think it's always been Aeryn. John's just the kinda of guy who wants and thinks he can have it all Aeryn on Earth or the UT and wormholes. I wonder how much of it he still has in his head

Kaz: I think John keeping Harvey back in season 3 helped him learn to do that, but since John was dealing with him and missing Aeryn and allowed the obsession with the wormholes to overtake him. But in season 4, he was getting that control I mentioned since he thought Harvey was gone. I think he still has it all because Harvey 2.0 said now that the wormhole weapon knowledge was gone, his programming was intiating shutdown (proof of a new chip inside John by the way), but remember...wormhole WEAPON knowledge. Not the knowledge inself. It's a part of John and I don't think anyone or anything can really rip it out. Maybe hide it away deep in his subconscious, but that's it.

sarahjane: You know the whole wormhole/time travel thing makes my head spin. I leave it to better brains like yours to figure it out.

shoot, gotta split. I'll clean this up later after dinner.
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