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Damn plot bunnies!

I think I've mentioned this little idea I've had to a couple people, but I was ripping some clips for a video and one was the scene in TTBRC with the wormhole, so I've added a few thoughts to it. I had some dialog to a possible fic pop in my head due to it. *sends threats of violence to plot bunnies*

Okay, here we go:

Because Einstein and his people are outside of our realm and have this hang up about time, they would know about the PKs and Scarrans interest in wormholes, due to their testing, way before John’s arrival in Peacekeeper space. Then comes John, from appearances, he has a natural affinity or touch with them. One could say, as a result of
Unrealized Reality
, that he was seen in more one possible outcome to a natural timeline.

John originally wasn't intended to actually go within the wormhole he accidentally created with the slingshot maneuver. If Einstein (more than likely Jack) investigated what would happen if John came through, and liked what he saw, realized John could take over for the Ancients, and shifted the wormhole in order to grab John and start a chain of events that leads to the Peacekeeper Wars.

But he could have manipulated other events as well to make sure it comes about. If it was seen that John dies on Dam Ba Da, and goes and fixes things for him to run into Kaarvok. Creating a 2nd John to end up carrying out what Einstein believes should be John's duty since he has the ability while remaining in the natural realm.

Now look at the epi TTBRC, how zoned John becomes when the wormhole appears. It's not just the idea of home; he's totally fixated on that damn thing. He frelling recognized what it was without ever seeing one before really.

Now before you can say that he’d have seen the one he originally came through, in the Premiere, John was looking at his instruments and concentrating on what is DK is trying to tell him when he hits the wormhole. John came up with the idea that he even came through a wormhole in the first place in Premiere with no damn evidence to back it up. Not physically anyway, he had no readings at this point. So it
that John has a natural instinct for wormholes.

That's why Jack tagged him for further investigation and implanted the knowledge within him with the false Earth. John was a backup for the Ancients and for the coming war, because they knew it was going to damn happen and that their people did not have the strength or the numbers to prevent either side from their continued attempts to use and harness the wormhole energy.

I also have this other little idea that ties in with what happened in BBBTF, and how the singularity could have also been a key to how the Ancients view John's role in things. Nobody else was affected with the aspect of jumping in time, at least it was unfamiliar to Verrell when he heard of it. What if this singularity keyed in on whatever it is within John that gives him this natural ability, and when it touches him...


He can affect time and change the events. If he doesn't kill himself or others first. But Johnny-boy, he's a fast learner. He picks up quickly what has to be done to fix things.

Or did he really? What if they were all supposed to die because of the events that happened with Verrell and Matala, but he changed them. It was intended for him to change them. Because Einstein knew it the whole time.

Okay, there it is. I have no idea if any of this makes sense to anyone else but me. I just had to get it out. Have fun discussing.
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