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Some SG-1 season 9 news. Here's the link.

"Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (Browder) was part of our seventh season episode 'Lost City,'" Shanks said. "He was one of the pilots (that was not seen on camera), who is introduced as if we have known him in the past."

With SG-1 broken up with promotions and the like, Shanks said Browder's character will work to piece the SG-1 team back together while Bridges character takes over Stargate Command.


But don't think those are the only surprises. Shanks had a big one to share with fans in Orlando -- Richard Dean Anderson is not forgotten. In fact, he'll be in at least two episodes this season.

"Richard's coming back to the show," he said. "He has scenes in the first episode, and we're going to see him in the third episode, too. I was told that on Tuesday, I'll be shooting a scene with him."

Production for the ninth season already is under way. While some actors are not coming back, Shanks will be joined by friend Christopher Judge (Teal'C) and many of his practical jokes.

"In our opening three-parter, there is a scene where Teal'C and Col. Mitchell are caught in a room with a roof collapsing," Shanks said. "Daniel is trying to yell out the answer to this riddle before the roof crashes. It works, the door opens up, and the first thing I see is this big, black ass. It took me a few minutes to figure out what it was."

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