Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Fe Fi Fiddly i O

Instead of complaining about life, I figured I'd share some fun.

*puts on pimp hat*

These are the latest in my favorite music vids that I thought I'd recc.

Another Brick In The Wall by Ndenial. Music of course by Pink Floyd. Awesome effects in this. This girl just keeps getting better and better at her vidding.

O Fortuna by Lt. Garrix. This one is strictly a Scorpius vid, and is as literal an interpretation of the lyrics as she could do. Music by Carl Orff. Not familiar with it? Think of the eerie music from The Omen.

Now this video. GUH! November Rain by el_rika. I had been scared to download because I was so afraid someone had fucked up one of my favorite songs. She didn't even come close to screwing it up. It has EVERY element of Farscape within it. Shippiness (all couples), angst, explosions...Every. Damn. Thing! Music by Guns and Roses of course.

Cars. This is another great video by PKGumby to a remake of the old Flock of Seagulls song done by Fear Factory. You'll want to go down to the 1st reply if you're not able to access his video on the Neptune site.

Time Ends by Chasa. Just a beautifully done video to the music of Grace, by Jeff Buckley.

This should be a fucking commercial for Peacekeeper Wars. Kicks Ass all the way through. Final Countdown by YankeeBelle. Music by Europe. To leave her feedback, click on her name.

Anyway, that's all I can think of at this time. If you enjoy them, let the vidders know it because this stuff is a pain in the ass to do half the time, but the results are fun.

*takes off pimp hat*

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