Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

John Crichton - Universal Whipping Boy ! Finally, it's here!

Thank you again everyone that signed up for the John Angst-A-Thon.

This is the master post, just post your stories on your lj or whereever you like, and put the links in a reply to this post. It will be updated throughout the day with links on the main part of this post.

kazbaby wrote Shine The Light for gigerisgod

scaperred wrote Goin' Down for simplystars

astrogirl2 wrote Galactic Peace Never Solved Anything for scaperred

thehallway wrote Like A Stone for scorpy808

scorpy808 wrote A Chance To Say Goodbye for rainer76

fbf wrote A Man Of His Word for pdxscaper

neuralclone wrote Dust for suenix

gigerisgod wrote Lost and Found for astrogirl2

simplystars wrote Loved and Lost for neuralclone

kernezelda wrote Jackass for thehallway

suenix writing neuroscpr's request, will be late.

rainer76 wrote Untitled for kazbaby

pdxscaper wrote A minute, an hour...a lifetime for kernezelda

FBF should get a special round of applause for pitch-hitting for neuroscpr who got busy with classes. Which is understandable, he's in a totally different country for them this time.

For the readers, please make sure that you feed the authors with feedback. It's how we get paid. ;) Plus, we crave it. Thank you for reading.

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