Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

A little drop will do ya...

Some good news for a change. I have an interview on Monday for a telecommunications company for a Lead Generator within their sales dept. Other options that the employment agency had found didn't go as they planned. Plus, they found me a one day job of making photocopies for tomorrow. Oh, the thrill! :P It's money, that's all that matters.

As for the John Angst-A-Thon. I'm not going to lie about it. I've been blocked at every point I've tried to write for my assignment. I'm trying to get this sucker to work at the moment, but my own story will probably be late. :(

Can someone let me borrow your brain to write this thing? It just won't come to me! *smacks head against the table*

But I did write some drabbles earlier, it's the same as the one farscapefriday challenge a couple weeks ago. The one set to icons which are all made by lowdownbeat. All I can say is damn the girl is good. ♥

There's nothing else to do. You can't change what happened any more than you can change who you are.

It was a risk, but in your heart you knew that the odds were not in your favor. Never are. At least not since fate decided you should boldly go where no man has gone before.

You want to laugh. To cry. Scream at what's been done to you, to both of you.

Aeryn. You just close your eyes as she walks toward you. Her name is a whisper, constant even in your thoughts.

Brushing the sand off of your knees, you walk back to the vehicle at the top of the hill.

You don't think, you just move automatically. Keeping your mind blank to what is going to happen soon. A matter of hours probably.

Take a step boy, you can do it. You can't let her down. Can't allow her to become a victim because of what's happened.

There's no one to blame really. It's just fate, and how they've written heroes. The ending stinks, but heroes...they die in the end.

This is familiar. Pulse pounding in time with the vibration coming from each thrust of the weapon in my hand.

There is no sound. Not from the explosions that light my way, nor the falling bodies that writhe briefly on the floor before lying still. All there is the pulse thrumming through my body.

He's somewhere in here, I can feel him. He did this. Did this for us all. I don't want to think about the possibilities of what we'll find. Refuse to let Crais' prediction be true.

He's alive. I know it as surely as I know this is who I am: Weapon tightly gripped in my hand, fighting for a cause, someone I believe in.

If not, then Scorpius' life will end soon after. I will make sure of it.

With one word I promised her, our son, that I would get them out of this hell we've found ourselves in. But I know she has my back, and always will.

D'Argo...Chiana, they made that promise too. To us. To each another. Silently, with only a glance and a charge of their weapons.

I told them all the second I stepped out the door and pulled the trigger, and didn't stop.

They're all with me, in the thick of it. None of us hesitating to destroy those intent on hurting us again. I - we - won't let them. We've been through and seen too much pain to allow it to happen again.

We're a family, and family does what it must to see that we live to see another day.
Tags: fic

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