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Just for the hell of it, I'm posting some PKWars transcript snips I did for thehallway since she's only seen it the one time.

Scorpius: Grand Chancellor...

Maryk: Where the hezmana in my orders did you find the phrase preemptive attack?

Scoripus: Scarrans are massing for an impending onslaught we all know is coming. A conflict we are ill-situated to win. By challenging them before they are prepared at least we have a fighting chance.

Maryk: You were sent there to gather survaillence, and --

Scorpius: With all due respect sir. I was sent here to perish. At the vanguard of this inevitable conflict. I simply refuse to participate on their terms or yours.

Maryk: Because of your actions, the Scarran empire has declared war against us. Do you know what that means, Scorpius? We are now officially engaged in the last war of our ERA! Congratulations.

module seems to be gaining speed and basically de-materializes within the wormhole cut to John lying on his back and Staleek seems to be slightly struggling to get onto his feet. Both them stand and John brushes the 'snow' off his jacket.

John: Check it out. I'm Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer.

Staleek: Grunts and turns his head to look beyond John.

John: turns his head and looks to his right and sees Einstein

Einstein: walking toward them You have violated our trust.
John: He has my family.

Einstein: Unimportant to the greater agenda.

John: They 'are' my greater agenda.

Einstein: Why have you brought him here?

Staleek: Who is this creature?

John: You can call him Einstein. I suggest you do it nicely.

Staleek reaches to use his heat probe and Einstein knocks it away with a wave of his hand.

John: Staleek... Staleek tries again with the same result

John: Staleek!He can wrap 'time' around his little finger. holds up little finger The hoodoo voodoo holds up hands and wiggles fingers as if casting a spell is not going to work.

Staleek: I'nstein, do you possess the knowledge of wormholes?

Einstein: Yes

Staleek: Can these wormholes be made into weapons?

Einstein: Yes

Staleek: Then you will give me that power! steps forward

Einstein: No. raises hand

John: steps forward to block Staleek with his arm  Hang on. looks at Einstein I can find a wormhole and fly down one, right?

Einstein: With the rudimentary knowledge we have given you.

John: Can I make a 'weapon'?

Einstein: You cannot.

John: looks at Staleek, then turns back to Einstein and walks toward him Why not?

Einstein: looks at Staleek then John as he stops in front of him Because no one can have that power.

John: looks at Staleek and points at him Exactly. Listen up. bends down and makes a snowball then walks back to Staleek. Holding up the completed ball in front of Staleek This is your universe. squeezes the ball and it crumbles as he says This is your wormholes. You mess with the natural order, You destroy multiple timelines.

Staleek: shoves John to the side I will have that power! lunges at Einstein

Einstein: raises his hand and Staleek freezes mid-stride. John almost trips in surprise.

John: walking past Staleek Humbling, ain't it? stops in front of Einstein

Einstein: Returning here was wrong.

John: I have to protect the people I love. And you owe me for putting that crap in my head.

Einstein: It may soon be prudent to remove it.

John: Amen. I wanna be blond again.

Einstein: disappears into thin air*

Staleek: grunts as he begins to move You truly cannot create wormhole weapons?

John: his back to Staleek, turns and gives the area a look We should get back...gives Staleek a glance ...before Rygel damages your wife. Staleek looks kind of flustered.

John: climbs out of his module. Walking across the iceberg, he looks around and puts his hands on his hips as he yells Einstein, it's time! he seems to sense Einsteins presence behind him and turns to see him standing by the module

Einstein: Indeed

John: Unlock the knowledge. I have to make peace.

Einstein: Time...

John: bows his head slightly and closes his eyes Flies...

Einstein: walks forward Time...

John: Bandits... raises his head and looks at Einstein

Einstein: Time...

John: Wounds all heals...

Einstein: Time...

John: Rosemary and thyme...

Einstein: stops in front of John Tiiiiime...

John: speaks the words more softly Time ends.
Einstein raises his hand, stretching it out toward John's head as he lowers it.

There are a few more scenes that I've transcribed so I'll probably post them tomorrow or Sunday if I get bored since they're long. ETA: That Rich Text option on here...bites monkey butt.

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