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Went to the doctor last night, I had no choice really. I'll lose my job for calling out without a dr's note. They're pretty strict.

She(the doc) said it was a tension migraine, and gave me something call Fioicet for the pain and some Promethazine for the nausea. Since I was shaky as well, it was pretty pronounced too, you could see my hand hands shaking. She also tested me for diabetes, but it was just a sugar count, not the drinking overly sweet crap, but it came back good. Which relieved my mom when I told her.

I still have the migraine, woke up with it. At least my eyes don't hurt with it, only my hair. LOL Never said I was normal did I? Mom still thinks they should have given me xanex or something since she thinks (mom is always diagnosing me with something) it's because of having to move in and take care of dad and the fact I'm stressing at work.

Screwy the two med, one is speed and the other knocks your ass out. I'm going to chill out on the couch now.

One last thing. If you haven't finished voting on the Sparky's...GO DO IT!!! Today is the LAST DAY.

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