Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

wandering around in the darkness

Posted over on farscapefriday, and it may not be the last. I've been looking at a lot of pretty icons. *g*

Icon by lowdownbeat

Tongue gliding over lips, and instantly notices the taste is different, more pungent than it’s known after cycles of inhabiting countless bodies.

Only a moment to orient itself before loosening the collar of this one’s outer clothing. His body operating at a higher temperature than the female just vacated. The matter of pushing this one, Crichton's, voice away is nothing, the mere swatting away of an insect, and it is capable of searching through the thoughts of the previous arns.

There is a base of Peacekeepers near by. Peacekeeper had wanted it captured, bent to their will and used. Now it wonders how much they will scream after their base is penetrated, minds invaded, and the same is done to them.
Tags: fic

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