Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

2nd verse, same as the first...

Hailing from my mom's house on my laptop. The display still is kind of pixelated and looking like
it's been bitch slapped after not paying it's pimp his money, but it's on the net!
And I'm trying to do a freaking bloodyass windows update...on DIAL UP! Yes, I've highjacked my mom's
phone and she doesn't know it yet. She's not here. *vbg*

As to how long this sucker stays on once they get home, god only knows. I can't see the far right edge
of my screen that's why this post looks so goofy.

ETA: I had to come back and fix this on a regular PC. It looked too bad and I 'lost' my post since I couldn't see the bottom either. It ended up on Farscape_ps. LOL

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