Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,


The other day I bought 3 movies:
The Grudge - Pretty good, almost made me pee my pants and suck a cig down my throat while screaming. BUT I couldn't make any sense of it since I was also on YIM at the time. So it will need repeat viewing to get the entire story.

Bubba Ho-tep - GREAT freaking flick! I was laughing so hard on parts I had tears in my eyes. I had to keep pausing it and type up quotes from the movie to scorpy808. I've loved Bruce Campbell for years, and I have never seen him better. He is so at his best here.

The Notebook - I haven't seen this one yet since I actually bought it for my mom, but from all I've heard it's a lovely movie that will have me in tears. So I'll probably watch it this weekend.

Now though I'm fixing to go have my utilities switched over to my new place. I don't know when they'll really kick in, so if you don't see me for a couple days. I'm not dead.

Actually, I'm thinking of banning myself from the net for a couple weeks so I can get certain fics finished. I'm too distracted by convos and the pretty of LJ. If I do this, I will definitely be back before the 28th of Feb for the posting of the John Angst-A-thon.

And dammit! It's only 50 degrees in my house and I have the central heat set at 85! The heat had better be good in my new place.

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