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Happy Birthday kernezelda!!!

Sorry girl, no ice cream here, but this is something I promised you a week or two ago. I hope you like it and continue to have a great day! *hug*

Author's Note:
Written as a b-day gift for Kernezelda. Thank you thehallway for the speedy beta.
Takes place several months after DWTB.
NC- 17 So if you're under this age. Go on get! This isn't for you!
Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

What Comes Around

He paces the cell, counting the steps from one wall to the next. It’s all he allows himself to focus on. The alternative, Grayza’s touch – smell – taste, fills him with too much revulsion.

Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, stop.

Head against the wall, he waits. Knows it’s only a matter of time before she returns. Questioning, touching, taunting him.

He doesn’t move when the door opens, the only sound that of rustling material against metal. Doesn’t have to turn to know it’s her, guards standing, armed, on either side of the door.

No way out there.

“Look at me, Crichton.”

He doesn’t move. Tightly closes his eyes instead. He won’t give her the satisfaction of obedience, too early in the game for that. Listens to her cross the room. Counts the steps he knows by heart.

Grayza leans against his back, one finger slipping into the edge of his pants, tugging. He barely keeps himself from flinching. She reaches up, snaking her arm around his neck, stroking liquid fire onto his lips.

Blood begins to rush, drumming inside his ears, his heart. Breath rushes beyond his control, and his head swims. Palms still flat against the wall, only this time pushing away.

“I have a gift for you,” she says, lips shaped into a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes.


“Gift?” The word sounds foreign to his ears as he speaks it, eyes trailing down the length of her neck, the soft curves of her exposed breasts. He licks his lips involuntarily, hating himself for wanting to have their taste fill his mouth.

Grayza steps back he reaches for her hips, wanting to pull her back to him.

A cool finger runs up his neck, stopping at the edge of his chin and lifts it upward. His eyes lock onto hers. “Not yet, John,” she turns her head and nods to the guard, “Something special, just for you.”

He doesn’t pay attention to the man leaving the room, all he can see – feel – is Grayza in front of him.

“On one condition: You work for me…willingly.”

He thinks no, but when he speaks, he hears himself say, “Anything…”

“Very good, John,” Grayza purrs and pulls away. “Stand here.” He follows as her hand swipes between her breasts before it graces his lips once more. They linger, and he licks the sweet oil from the tips.

“Your gift has arrived, John.” She directs his gaze to the door, and his heart flips in his chest. Aeryn, hands bound behind her back, mouth gagged, being led inside the room. Shoved down onto her knees, she can only glare silently in Grayza’s direction.

“Aeryn,’ he murmurs reverently and takes a step toward her.

“Stop. I did not give you permission to go to her.”

He does as she says, and she grabs him by the hair on the back of his head, drawing his face down to her. Lips part, but she only brushes her tongue across them. Eyes lock, and she whispers, “Now…you may go to her.”

He does. Drops onto his knees in front of her, ignores the sharp pain that shoots upward, and takes her face in his hands. It feels as if it’s a dream, something that he has wished for far too long.

“John,” Grayza’s voice is distant, but commanding, “remove her shirt…”

He obeys, follows each of Grayza’s instructions and becomes lost in the fogginess of ripping clothing.

His world is nothing more than Aeryn, and his desire to be inside of her. He is forbidden to remove the gag and bonds keeping her from returning his touch. He moves his hands over her sweat-sheathed skin. Cupping her breasts, biting, licking, sucking. Not moving forward unless Grayza instructs him to do so.

Aeryn’s eyes are dark embers when he catches her gaze, he can tell that she’s just as anxious as he is, desire to touch burning a hole inside of him. He’s waited too long for their reunion, all of his fantasies now reality.

All thought of her abandonment flies away at the touch of her skin. He stands and helps her to her feet. He wants to remove the gag, but when he reaches for it Grayza admonishes him, tells him that must wait for later.

Hesitating, it feels wrong to keep Aeryn restrained. Feels wrong until Grayza steps closer, in between the two of them and slips her finger between his lips, rubbing the inside against his gums and teeth. He suckles the tip, begging her with his eyes to continue.

After a few seconds, she bows her head slightly and gestures to Aeryn, “I believe she’s waiting for you, John.”

He can’t help the smile, almost blinded by the desire he feels for this woman he’s pushing against the wall. Teeth nip at Aeryn’s neck, working upward to her ear.

Unbuttoning her pants, he slides them down, and grabs the fastener of his own pants. In one quick move he manages to free his aching cock and slide up the length of Aeryn's body as he grinds her further into the wall.

Her groan is loud to his ears, and he can tell by the look in her eyes that she knows what’s next. Her shoulder presses against him, and a laugh sounding almost like giddiness erupts from him.

Hand sliding down, he slides a finger through the folds and grazes the sensitive nub of her clit as Grayza grants him permission.

Aeryn’s eyes close and roll back momentarily, her breathing becoming faster.

“Do you want her completely, John?” a voice asks just behind his ear, and he feels the press of Grayza’s body against him. “Yeah.”

“How do I know that you will fulfill your part of our bargain once I allow you this?” Grayza’s hands touch the sides of his face, and he grows hotter, as if he is frying inside of his own flesh.

He moans from the ache radiating from between his sweat-slick thighs. “I’ll do whatever you w-want,” he can barely speak the words, much less think at the moment.

“Then you may have her.”

His dick glides in, and he begins pumping himself against her. The soft slap of flesh against flesh the only sound in the room, and after a short time he forgets the feel of Grayza’s hot breath brushing the back of his neck.

“I want you to stop, John.” He does as he’s told reluctantly. “Spread your legs.” Again, he obeys without question.

Cold metal against the sensitized skin of his balls makes him jump, and Grayza’s hand grabs his neck, nails digging into his flesh, making him stop.

“Do not move. This is something that will aid you in sustaining yourself longer…for Aeryn’s pleasure of course.”

He feels a subtle snap, and he glances down to see that Grayza has attached some sort of ring around the base of his cock and balls. She touches his face, just below his nose and grins.

“You may continue to pleasure your love.”

He's harder than he's ever been, just thinking about being inside her. He’s wanted this for long, dreamed of it and now it's here, a gift right in front of him. He pushes his hot, heavy cock against her, feels the tip slide into her welcoming warmth. Slides himself deeper and deeper until he's buried in her.

He watches her eyes as he slowly withdraws, pushes in again, harder, faster. Sets up a rhythm. Can’t – doesn’t – want to stop. Aeryn moans and he plants his mouth on top of hers, swallowing the sound, letting it fill him.

Her breasts are pressed firmly against his chest. He cups the cheeks of her ass and lifts her higher against the wall. Holds her legs around his waist when they try to fall back down to the floor.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he breathes roughly against her ear as he continues to pound balls deep. Lips and tongue work their way along her neck and shoulder. Time has stopped; the only thing that exists is the two of them. Grayza’s voice and touch along his back dissipating with the walls of the cage surrounding them.

After what seems like eternity the pressure builds painfully, and he’s going to explode in more ways that one. The need for release is almost too much for him to stand. Balls restrained, and all he wants is to come inside of her, to feel her wetness against the sensitive flesh of his dick

Hands pull him backward, away from Aeryn. “No!”

Aeryn’s body slides down the length of the wall, legs curling beneath and her eyes don’t leave him.

The guards force him down onto his knees, arms wrenched behind his back and cuffs are placed tightly around both wrists.

Grayza squats down in front of him, gaze drift back and forth between him and Aeryn.

“Were you able to please her, this love of yours?”

He’s barely able to nod in agreement, never losing his focus on the woman across from him.

Grayza stands and crosses the short distance to Aeryn and grabs her arm, pulling her upward. Swiping across her breasts, tongue gliding swiftly across pale lips, she smiles. “Attach the cross restraints on Crichton.”

Guards quickly do her bidding, snapping on ankle cuffs and linking them to the ones binding his wrists together. He watches hazily as Grayza removes the gag from between Aeryn’s lips and returns to him. Soon he has Aeryn’s taste in his mouth, unable to protest when Aeryn begins to feel the affects of the Heppel oil and is brought to him and made to kneel.

“Run your hands across his stomach, Aeryn…”
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