Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Give up Farscape?

I think I have distance myself from this show for a while.

Why you may ask...cause of what happened at the dentist today. They put my head in that damn x-ray machine and clamped this deal around my head so I couldn't move it a millimeter, and I thought of John in the Aurora Chair and I wanted to bolt and get the hell out of that damn thing. LMAO!

But I don't think I'm too strong in my resolve cause I bought the 3.5 dvd afterwards. Okay...I'm weak. Well, when it comes to this show anyway. ;-)

As for the rest of the dentist visit. I heard the two most dreaded words Root Canal...you know what that means...they are going to put a needle in my mouth. A NEEDLE...IN MY MOUTH!!! You got to know something about me. Me and needles...we don't get along too well. My mom used to try and bribe me as a kid if I wouldn't try to punch the doctors or nurses that gave me shots as a kid. Never worked, cause as soon as they got within a foot, I freaked. Couldn't help myself...LOL

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