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How long can you survive on the afterglow of a good date? It's been two days and I'm still in a good mood. People freaked at work, I guess they got used to my little depression spree. Oh Well, I don't care! *g*

I'm almost done type up the Luvfest, put in my two cents about cathy1967's sequel to The Vanishing. She posted it today over at Kansas, calling it From Darkness to Light. Damn fine story, and I'm glad I've bugged her about it. My 2 Johns story is coming along, in fact I added a couple of scenes to it to flesh it out even more. I still have to write the ending to it, but I'll worry about that when it comes to type up that final scene.

The downer to the day is the fact I have a dentist appointment, and I can't stand going to the dentist. I dont think anyone likes to go. Well the exception is maybe another dentist or Bill Murray's character in Little Shop of Horrors. (Reminder: buy that movie again)

Since my dentist is near Best Buy...I do believe I will swing in there and see if they have Farscape 3.5 out yet. Several people have said they have already got their copies from there. I do NOT want to be left behind again. That hurt paying 40 bucks for 3.4 last time at Barnes and Noble.

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