Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

I write shippy

and see what happens!

Stars and dingoes invade!

Love In The Afternoon

Summary of Life this week.
Academy is going well, according to our team manager we blew away the statistics on call handle time for our first day on Monday.


My dad should be coming home soon, sometime this week or next.

Car had broke down last Thursday, bro said it was just the catalytic converter clogged. Dealer had said that he'd fix it for free when I bought the thing since he knew it was going bad. Now he wants a $100. Ratbastard.

Mom bought me a new car battery yesterday since I couldn't run the defrost or heat on my car since the old one was so weak. And my bro wants to buy my car for $1000, said he'd pay me later. Yeah, RIGHT! He can't even pay me 25 bucks on time. He'll need to give me all the cash at once or I'm going to just fix up my car myself and keep it.

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