Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Farscape Fic: Rising Wind

Wrote a little PK Wars ficlet.

Rising Wind



Love among friends and family.

She had lived a long time, longer than she ever anticipated.

It was a good life.

She'd known hardship and loss.

Happiness beyond her expectations.

Watched children come and go. The love of her life vanish in almost the blink of an eye. The grief never really abandoning her. Thoughts of his smile and laughter visiting almost nightly.

Sometimes, now that her time was coming to an end, she'd imagine him standing in front of her, and stare into his shining blue eyes. A noise would jar her back to reality, and she'd laugh at the delusions of an old woman and go back to her daily routine.

She'd only had one real love in her lifetime. That's all she wanted. It had taken her far too long to come to her senses and now - she didn't want to throw that away.

A cup sits on the table in front of her. When she'd poured the tea, it had been warm, but as her hand wrapped around the ceramic base, it was cold. Sinking down into her customary chair, she wondered at the lapse in time. It wasn't like her to allow her mind to wander for so long, dismissing it on fatigue, she lays her head down on the table.

She traces the designs on the tabletop, enjoying their familiarity. A long time ago, she would have grown bored quickly, found something better to do. With age though, came patience.

The house creaks and groans with the rising wind outside. Closing her eyes for a moment, she listens. Relaxing and sinking into the sounds.

A thump disturbs her quietude, and she opens her eyes to the sight of a boot on the floor. Lifting her head, she smiles. "You're late," she says, old age apparent in the shakiness of her voice.

He helps her to stand, brushes the milky white hair from her eyes. "Didn't I say I'd find you? It's time to come home."

"I've been home a long time...since I found you, D'Argo," Chiana states, returning the caress, brushing her fingers against the side of his neck as he wraps his arms around her waist.

The door to the kitchen is pushed open by the wind, sweeping leaves into the empty room.

The End
Tags: farscape, fic

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