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Well that didn't work

Wipty Doo...I got me 4 hours sleep. While I do feel somewhat bettter, I still feel as if I've got sandpaper permanently etched into my eyeballs right now.

For some reason, fbf has decided to get the pointy stick out and prod me (that so didn't come out right) into writing more on the 2 Johns fic. Damn..i gotta think of a title for this.

You know this is frustrating...I have about 30 pages left to type up for Harbinger of Sorrow. And I can't seem to get my ass in gear and do it. I have the dialog and action written out, but yet to type it up and I still have to, as Phi likes to say, put the Kaz spin on it. Spin? I have a spin? More like dementia! Then after I put the 'spin' on it, I've got to get it to fbf so she can make me see it better. That woman makes me think to damn much. Which is cool, but that is a fucking scary place.
No more Metallica as inspiration...the ideas this group puts into my head for fics is scary...even more scary is the fact their new CD comes out tomorrow. TOMORROW! TOMORROW! OH HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Damn...I'm starting to ramble here. Talk about disjoined thoughts.

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