Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,


Okay, so I've finally gotten around to doing this fic meme, and I'm adding one more to it before midnight hits...I hope.
Far Apart
Something that came to mind after seeing some pics of The Choice.

Running Oblivion
I was bugged by the clip of A Killer Within when it was first put up on Fireside's website, and this came out.

Italian KFC
Yeah, don't blame me on this one. neuroscpr put me up to writing this so I'd quit bugging him about a fic that he was writing.

Momentary Comfort NC-17
Slash, Aeryn/Chiana

Twilight Words
This was my first Stark fic.

My favorite tag is that of ACoD. I'd just wanted it again, and I didn't even think. I just wrote this out.

Cold Heart

Morning Light
Aeryn and Leslie Crichton fic

The Righteous
Done for farscapefriday for the original character challenge.

New Clothes

Lost and Found
After <lj user="scaperred" wrote a kick ass fic about Insane!John, using the title of my lj as the title to her fic. She challenged me to write a shippy fic with explosions, and finding something that was lost.

Time's Echo


For The Love Of.... (chaosian's challenge)
Pilot fic

Matter of Time

Step Lightly

Future fic.

A Light In The Dark

Next Step
Written for halcyon_shift's b-day. Harvey fic.


Ghost In The Machine
Written for farscapefriday for X-Files title challenge.

Silent Running
Written for apathocles's request in the Farscape Ficathon. She got some Braca fic.

Bathing Beauties NC-17
Written for kixxa's b-day. Slash John/Braca.

Eaten - R
Written for Windfire's b-day. She asked after she'd read Kixxa's b-day prezzie.

Wish You Were Here

Far From Home (NC-17)
Written with scorpy808 after something she said got my brain going and I tried to convince her to take a stab at writing smut. This one even came with a pic. *vbg*
Coin of Fate


Old Dog

Once Upon A Time
2nd Stark fic, and written for lil_banik_slave's request wondering why Stark was so afraid of budongs.

Based on a dream I had, then added a few words to make it Farscape.

Silence (pk war spoilers)
Filler scene for PK Wars.

The Box
Now this, this is a goofy thing I wrote to help me stay awake while waiting to leave for the airport and the con. This has John naked and chocolate. And it's rated G.
Tags: fic discussion, meme

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