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The wheels on the bus go round and round

Okay folks, despite my computer still being a pain *gives it the evil eye*, I finished this video relatively fast. *throws confetti* Not counting the rendering, I spent 2 hours doing it last night to find out from Scorpy808 that I'd left a stray clip after the title at the end. D'oh! So I had to do it all over again while I was asleep.

I said I'd never do a video for DWTB, but I heard this song and HAD to do it. I had trouble with some uncooperative sequences in Vegas (they didn't want to fade for me) and I did them in Premiere. In a way, I'm hesitant to tell you who the band is because I don't want anyone to prejudge the sound of the song if you've heard of them.

The artist is Slipknot, and the song is Vermillion pt. 2, and completely doesn't have their usual sound. It's 26 MB, and I apologize about the size.


I hope you enjoy it.

I have my first test this morning in training. So far it's going really well. Trainer is a nice guy, and so far everything has been a snap. I'm really not enjoying getting up at 5am every morning. :P I just have to get used to it.

ETA: Just changed it to a regular zip file since most people don't have WinRAR, I'd forgotten that this morning when I did it. Remember, it was 5am. Sorry.
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