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Sorry, I had to do that. I'm in too good a mood right now. If you want to know the meaning Erp...run on over to Kansas and check out that thread. You will be doing the happy dance with me.

Got a question, Why is it I find it easier to type up my 2 John story over the IM than onto the file it belongs to? I have no idea, but it just seems easier to me. I guess because Ixchup gives me instant feedback and asks me questions for the scenes if they are unclear to her. Which by the way girl.*hugs* for listening to me bitch and ramble. Cause I think I was two steps from the looney bin cause of my computer. It's still running slower than a snail pushing a 10 pound rock uphill.

Crais' voice announced in the quiet, "Crichton, Moya says that she cannot keep the atmosphere leading from your current position to the hanger for very long, three quarters of an arn at most."

"I understand Crais, have Talyn tell her we'll be as fast as we can, and we're bringing the other guy back with us." John answered, opening the door to the room. The other man looked up in surprise at the sound.

Surprise was quickly replaced by what could only be pure joy. "Daddy!" he shouted.

Both John and Aeryn looked at each other, "Daddy?" Aeryn asked.

John shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t have any idea, but something isn’t right, that’s for sure." He barely turned around in time to avoid being knocked over as he was gripped in a tight hug. "Whoa! Hold on..."

"I missed you so bad Daddy...no body but the doggies come to see me." Crichton held on tightly as he spoke, his voice slightly muffled against John's chest, "Why ain’t you and mommy come to see me? Was I bad?"
He looked up at John and wiped away the tears with the back of his hand and noticed Aeryn standing behind John, ducking his head down once more leaning it against John's chest and asked, "Who's that?"

"You don't...remember Aeryn? What about D'Argo or Chiana?" John asked, looking down at the head laying against his chest. 'This is getting too weird.' he thought.

When Crichton didn't answer him, John pushed the man away. "Do you remember any of them?" he asked.

Shaking his head, Crichton said, "Ah uh...they friends of you and mommy's"

Something was very wrong, it wasn't just the way the other guy was acting, but the way he spoke. His voice was a lot softer than usual, and his body language was also off.

Turning slightly to look at Aeryn, John said, "Give me a few microts to clean him up."

"What is wrong with him?" she asked

"I don't know exactly, but..." He turned back to face his double. "...you stink to high heaven. Your going into the shower."

Looking at both men, Aeryn decided to do as John had asked and left the room. She had tried not to think about what would happen when she saw the other Crichton, but she never expected this.

John noticed out of the corner of his eye that Aeryn had left as Crichton said. "No...I don't wanna take a bath, I don't have my viggy!"

"Viggy? You want...your viggy?" John couldn’t keep the surprise out of his voice with question. He hadn’t thought of that toy for years, it had been the only way that his mom could get him into the tub without a fight until he had been about eight. "Come on, we'll just have to make due without it."

“Nooo…won’t take no bath without viggy!” Crichton stomped his foot and crossed his arms.

“We don’t have time for this, John.” he said, knowing that their time was growing short. Grabbing the other man’s arm, John pulled him to the refresher and shoved him into the shower. He was almost sick from the smell of sweat and shit that seemed to concentrate more within the smaller room.

As the cold water touched Crichton, he cried out and tried to bolt away. John shoved him back again and said, “We do ‘not’…have time for you playing around. I don’t know what the hell is going on with you, John, but it’s going to stop right frelling now.”

It was weird taking another man’s clothes off of him, even weirder still that the other guy was himself. ‘God, what happened to the good old days when I didn’t have to worry about this shit?’ John noticed Crichton had covered his face and had grow quiet as he lathered the soap gel on his skin, he then realized the man was crying.

“Are you crying? Why…what the hell…is wrong with you?” he yelled in frustration.

“You don’t like me any more cause I’m bad.”

“You’re…not bad, Crichton, we just need to hurry.”

“I’m not?” Crichton asked, looking up from his hands, the water from the shower flattening his hair and beard to his skin. “But you called me John…you only do that when your mad at me for being bad.”

Different things the man had said and the way he was acting clicked into place suddenly for John, fear spread quickly through him as he asked, “What’s your name then?”


“How old are you?”

“Four, but you know that, Daddy. Is this like when my teacher tested us at school?”

John stared at his twin in shock. “Yeah…sort of. Now be a good boy and help me rinse the soap off of you. We have to go.”

Covering his eyes with his hands, Johnny asked, “When is Mommy going to take me and Susie for school clothes? I get big boy clothes cause I get to go to kin…kinder…”


“Uh huh…I get to go to big kids school now.”

Finding a towel laying on the floor, John picked it up and turned off the water. “Come here, let’s get you dried off and dressed before Aeryn comes back.”

“Who’s Aeryn? She your friend?” Johnny asked, and began chewing on his lower lip nervously as John continued to dry him.
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