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Farscape Fic: Free and Flying

Author's Note: The result of drinking cold meds and watching WGFA. Thanks to ScaperRed for the quick beta.
Setting: AU for Won’t Get Fooled Again
Disclaimer: Not mine, if it was...we'd have a Farscape channel.

Free and Flying

She followed him as he walked up on the stage. “You died five years ago!” John yelled, trying to move past her and get away from what he knew in his heart wasn‘t real. He was surprised when he tripped over a chair near the stage and fell face down on the floor, the air coming out of his lungs as a loud grunt.

He could hear his mother crying as she said, “John, I’m scared.”

‘I’m not going to look at her, she’s not real, she’s not real,’ John thought as he tried to wave away the vision.

“I just…want out of this,” he said quietly.


They watched John outside of his cell as he had fallen to the floor, trying to get away from a vision only he could see. Each woman had spent arns trying to break through, but nothing seemed to be able to shatter the illusion he now lived in.

“No, no... oh, God. This is cruel. This is cruel…please don't…” John pleaded as he lay, his body curling up slightly in a fetal position, crying on the floor in front of them.

Aeryn looked at Zhaan for a moment, each woman’s eyes mirroring the other.

John screamed, “Don't do this to me!” Tearing himself away, he crawled into the corner of his now bare room.

Zhaan opened the door to the cell, and gripped the injector in her hand as John stood and shuffled around the room. He said as he suddenly stopped moving, “Well…if it isn’t the good Captain.” The exhaustion in his voice apparent.

“We have to do this now, it’s time,” Zhaan said softly, moving forward with Aeryn.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.“ Continuing to speak softly, John said, “Just leave me alone. Please, just... leave me…”

Aeryn wrapped her arms around John’s chest, pinning his arms to restrain him from hurting himself further. She could still remember the sound of the bones in his hands snapping under the force of his blows against the floor.

“Leave me alone!” he screamed, trying to lunge forward.

Zhaan applied the injector to his neck as John’s immobilized hands tried to fly up to strike an unseen assailant. “Don't touch me! Leave me alone!”

John’s body sank to the floor of the cell, his eyes glazing over even further, and slowly closing halfway, yet he continued to yell, “Leave... me! Me! Me! Me! Me! …” his voice echoing in the small room.

Zhaan picked up John’s slack arm and examined the hand she had tried to repair only the previous weeken. Aeryn released John, only to brush away the sweat that covered his forehead. “Did he damage them further?”

“No, the sealing of the bones still efficiently held, but until they are completely healed…I won’t know if he will regain complete use of them.”

Aeryn leaned John against the wall, and moved back with Zhaan to watch over him. His body continued to relax as the mixture spread through his body. He did not fall asleep as they hoped, as they ‘had’ hoped for the past two weekens since Aeryn and D’Argo had found him during the Scarran’s interrogation. D’Argo still lay in his own quarters, his injuries being administered to by Chiana. For a short time, no was sure if either he or John would survive the ordeal.

“Don't get too comfortable. I'm gonna get that chip out of my head.”

John paused as if listening to someone. “Yeah, there is. You told me... There's a, um…”

They had known something was wrong soon after the Scarran lay dead, but it was those words that prompted Zhaan to have the healer examine John more deeply. Upon finding the chip, they gingerly removed it. They were worried about removing the tendrils that had begun to grow across John’s brain tissue, but didn’t know what exactly their function was, and so left them. Examining the chip, they found its internal circuits burnt out, possibly as a result of the Scarran’s machine overloading from a stray pulse blast from D’Argo’s Qualta Blade during the battle. Which left John trapped within the induced hallucination running from this nightmare over and over, his injured brain endlessly replaying each microt.

“Aeryn, you need to rest yourself. There is nothing more to be done until the sedative wears off again,” Zhaan said, placing a comforting hand on the other woman’s shoulder.

“I will…shortly,” she lied, pushing herself against the wall and watched as John shuddered, trying to act out the moments he was living.

Zhaan closed the cell door behind her, the only sound in the quiet corridor was John’s voice saying clearly, “This is Farscape One, I am free and flying.”

The End
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