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Thanks for the pointy sticks.

You know what sucks right now? I keep getting these ideas for stories, and I dont really know what to do with them right now. I'm trying to get the 2 Johns fic typed up along with the luvfest. They're slow going, but they are coming along.

I learned a very valuable lesson last night, dont watch WGFA when your majorly buzzed. Cause I had one hell of an idea for a fic, but I dont think I can do this one.

I know that WGFA is from John's POV, but I think a good fic idea would be his train of thought as everything is happening to him, how the events from his mother appearing in the bar to putting the moves on him, then to aeryn showing up supposed to rescue him and abandon him, break him down and disjoint his thoughts until the end where Harvey makes him forget that the chip is even there. I would love to see his mind fall into the chaos. *g* But with my little writing block going on, there is no way I can write it. Anyone want to take it up and have fun with it?

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