Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

found my camera today!

The lovely Kixxa and Whitelight looking precious.

Oh, just look at them cheese for the camera.

CatherineBruce and Suinex. I have to apologize to Suinex for how her pics came out. I think I took them after I'd had too much to drink. *g*

Another liquid diet pic. Uniceboo, Cofax, a mysterious stranger and Fialka.

Doesn't Phi look just so perky? Annoying isn't it? *snicker*

ScorpSik cheesing. I think this was after I'd won her a prize in the trivia contest.

Uniceboo showing off the latest in Scaper fashions. *looks innocent*

These two are pretty self-explanitory.

ETA: Forgot to mention this yesterday. catherinebruce is posting parts of a fic, that I'm totally loving. She's letting me help her plot bunny it. She's promised to not hold anything back on this one and hit em where it hurts the most. *wipes away a tear* My baby's all grown up now. *veg*

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