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Con Report

I so didn’t want this weekend to end, but unfortunately that ugly thing called real life had to come back like a bear. Though I apologize in advance for my lack of memory on sequence and exactness. Too many fried brain cells. I think next year I’m taking notes.


Flight into Burbank went off without a hitch, and we proceeded to register at the hotel. Ate lunch and I think I spotted Crash and DorothyGail first.

Met CatherineBruce and her Sgt in the lobby and took them up to our room. She is such a cutie!

Hung around the bar, and had drinks visiting with folks. God, there are so many people I ran into that night it’s unbelievable. CB’s Sgt. (Devin) came up with his handle, so if you see someone with the name of Chiana’sBaby’sDaddy. You’ve been introduced.

Got slapped on the hand for sitting on the pool table because I had drunk too much and my feet were killing me in the combat boots I was wearing. LOL

Stood in line to pre-register for my gold tickets, and was good girl. (Don’t listen to LAScaper) *snicker*

Walked around looking at all the merchandise for sell. They had a lot of very cool things that all I could do was drool over. My feet were about to riot on me so I said to hell with it and sat in the middle of the floor where I met ScorpSik. This girl is the freaking bomb with the artwork. I spent quite a bit of time with her over the next couple of days, and met her mom who is a real trouper and complete darling.

I forget what happened next, but I believe I finally called it a night since my body was telling me it was 4am.


Got up early. Which is an amazing feat for me since I’m so not a morning person. Walked downstairs to the restaurant in my PJs and drank coffee and ate some breakfast. Ran into Andromeda and DE and sat with them for about an hour while they ate. Talked about fic and it was cool to be able to meet a lot of the people face-to-face that we’ve talked to for so long.

At some point I met Kernezelda, Kixxa, FloraStuart, and Whitelight. I think. Please forgive me if I can’t remember who all I met and in what sequence. Kerne picked me up and lifted me up in the air.

Went up to my room and realized in horror that I’d forgotten Pike’s spirit sticker she’d sent me to wear. I am soooooo sorry about that girl. If it helps, I forgot myself as well. Meaning I’d forgotten my button from last year with my name on it. So when it was time to go in, I made a pin with your name on it. You can see it in my Anthony and Gigi photo op pic.

The con’s official start was pretty cool Ricky was, well…Ricky. He talked for a bit, cracked us up, and for the life of me I can’t remember any details at the moment.

The making of the Peacekeeper Wars was cool as hell and funny! There were so many neat moments in it, and those of you that couldn’t go, I’ll tell you one highlight that you’ll see on the DVD. Claudia saying something to the effect that the baby stomach wasn’t real and started punching it.

Videos shown were awesome of course. Since I never received any notice if mine had won or even arrived, I asked Adam and he didn’t know. In fact, he said he didn’t know who won until they gave him the paper with the winners.

Met Scorpy808 and T’raltixx, Scorpy went to get their tickets while me, CatherineBruce, and T’raltixx went have a couple drinks and dinner. Noticed that they had the photo ops listed BELOW the regular schedule and got ticked that I missed my Wayne photo op, and part of his talk. (that part was my fault since I didn’t have a watch on) Caught the tail end of it and was able to ask him: In regards to Harvey and Harvey 2.0, was there a difference in his approach and mind in how he performed them? (paraphrasing here) He said he viewed them as Harvey being more naive and innocent while 2.0 was more malicious. He talked more on it, and someone with a better memory could probably add more to what he said better than me.

I had brought with me the comic book that was given to me back at the 5th of Farscape rally two years ago and was able to get his autograph on it. He went to sign it and said Browder’s pic was taking up all the space. LOL He signed it below Scorpius’ pic on the cover and said he covered up Rygel, I told him that was okay since Jonathan had signed it on a drawing inside.

As for Signal Room, all I can say is that they totally kicked! Loved them!

Afterward, I proceed to get too tore up again, and fell asleep to WGFA on Catherine’s laptop.


Got up early again, and had breakfast with Andromeda and DE again, then a couple others, but this time I was actually dressed and not in my PJs. Met At this point I was kind of panicky because of the talent show coming up later on in the day. AFD was a doll and picked me up a camera, videotape and a power cord for my stereo. The cord didn’t fit, so I was still stuck to use Catherine’s laptop (which I’m very grateful to have) to try and practice my song with.

Brian Henson was awesome. He looked to be kind of thunderstruck at the amount of people that were there. And he was tickled to death when someone presented to him a copy of a declaration from the state of Kentucky that one Scaper was made an official Farscape representative or ambassador.

Fanfic panel was very cool and a lot of fun. After fumbling with mics that didn’t want to cooperate, Jeff really got us started. We talked about how we got into writing it, and basically what we try to achieve when doing it. Joe and Jeff were great talking about what they look for in reading a story. A couple questions were asked, including one by Crankygrrl to Thea about her writing sex in fic. I think I can still see Thea’s blush from here. Cofax asked about slash in fic, and the fact there isn’t that much in the fandom. Of course I had to pipe in my two cents. *g* I’m sorry Crash, but the look on your face when I mentioned the fic I did with John and Scorpius as lovers tickled me to death. We had way too little time up there, I could have talked a lot longer, and it was a shame we didn’t get that many questions, but again I think that was a fact of time there.

Went up to my room to practice my song, so I missed David, and later on Fran…again. The same with Gigi and Anthony, but I did get to see part of their talks. Next year, I’m not entering anything so I don’t miss any of them.

Went to the Kansas meet up, it was so cool to meet everyone there. We started talking about how neat Kansas is for feedback on fic and videos, and the kinds of feedback that we look for. Unfortunately, I had to bail a little early so I could do my photo op with Anthony. I get there and Gigi is with him, and I told them they were going to sit in my lap, but I told them I was joking and sat down in front of them both.

Enter super panic time now. I could not remember the lyrics to the song!! I must have played it about 100 times, and I kept blanking. So I figured if I was going to frell up in front of like 700 people, I wasn’t going to be feeling any pain.

Time for the contest, and I think I was about to pass out. ScaperRed was a lifesaver saying she’d tape my performance for me when I couldn’t find PhiPhi. Well, the moment that Musicgal did her song, I knew who won first prize and she really deserved it. Excellent performance, but unfortunately I was RIGHT AFTER HER! I asked for a learning curve. I got up there, singing Melissa Ethridge’s I’m The Only One, and gave it my all. Thank the goddess I remembered the lyrics. I even nailed a particular part I’ve always had trouble getting before. I lost the contest, but dammit, I did it. I had fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Everyone in the contests was very cool, and I’m glad to see so many participated. Suinex’s costume, my god that was really damn good.

I went outside after I was done, and had to get some fresh air and calm down. I received a lot of complements on my performance. Including from one lady, I don’t know her name, but she said I had a very smoky voice similar to Alannah Myles. I don't see it myself.

I happened to luck out and saw Ben going to the restroom, and I..uh..kind of asked him to sign my comic book, and he did! He told me I sang great and had more nerve than him getting up there and singing. It made me feel so much better about losing. Sort of…you know what I mean. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. The guy is too sweet.

The dinner party was an absolute snore. I was bored out of my mind, and found the candles on the table more entertaining and fun. We weren’t allowed to get out of our seats or have pics taken with the actors when they came to the table like last year. The highlight was when Anthony jumped up on a chair and screamed out: “D’Argo shouldn’t have died, they should have killed the f*cking baby!” I heard that several people were upset about that. You know what. It’s a tv show.

When he got to our table, Anthony was breathless and said he didn’t know what the hell to say. People expected him to be funny and he didn’t know what he was saying half the time. He couldn’t believe he got up on a chair and yelled that. I complemented him on the band’s performance and wondered if he’d been nervous. He said he’s surprised people didn’t see his hand shaking gripping the guitar while he was on stage. Then he was gone. I took off soon afterwards myself since I was about to fall asleep at the table.


The charity breakfast was pretty much the same with the pics deal. But I lucked out and Ben sat next to me this year!! Whoohoo. I don’t know if any pics that were taken will come out, but if they do…please email me a copy. (bats eyelashes in a cute way)

During the photo op, I had the little koala that Kixxa gave me wearing my Fran’s Fans hat. I asked Ben to hold Bob and afterward when I reached for it, he said ‘You’re taking Bob?’ I told him yes, since he came all the way from Australia for me. Hehe

Sorry Ben. Bob says hi though. Also got my pic done with the SACCers. I haven’t seen that photo yet. Bet you all forgot that I was a member of them didn’t ya?

Ben and Claudia’s time on stage was cool as hell. I got to ask him three questions boiled into one. Yes, I’m sneaky that way. First one was: Why didn’t he use the PK accent in WSS: FA like he did in ABL? Answer: Because he did it so bad the first time. Second question: When he wrote in JQ about the kiss revealing that Aeryn wasn’t real and he was still in the game, was it a hint to BHTB about the Bioloid!Aeryn? Answer: No, he didn’t know they were going to do that. Claudia said she didn’t know they were going to do that until shortly before they did it. Third question and this so got frelled up when I spoke it: Something about the sexual commentary from John to Scorpius throughout the series and mini (example: the things a man does when he’s in love). Answer (paraphrased): Gotta love a man in leather and a codpiece.

CatherineBruce, I love this girl, she mentioned the nose porn and asked about John getting TJohn’s memories, or rather the fact it appeared that John had them now. I think it boiled down to that he does have them. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this.

Commentary for Crackers Don’t Matter was excellent. Had several good laughs and some insight into it. And Ben mentioned the nose porn during it. LOL

That’s pretty much it folks as to the events put on. Afterward, I went and visited with friends, and said goodbye to those that were leaving early.

More may be added to this as I remember or get reminded of events.

ETA: I asked David Franklin about the love between Braca and Scorpius. He said wasn't it just romantic how Scorpius reaches out and grabs Braca to save him? hehe
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