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fumbling in the dark for the lightswitch

Hospital sent my dad home until this Friday when they'll do that fucking surgery. *rolls eyes* I can't figure this place out. And it doesn't help that my brother is laying pressure on me about even going to Burbank.


I feel like someone train-wrecked me last night. I've been re-arraigning furniture and pretty much decoracting my place for when Phi gets here tomorrow night. Yes, I know she's only going to be here for a couple hours until we have to leave for the airport. But yo...I live in a trailer. She's going to see a classy *snerk* dressed trailer.

Although I don't think that's the real reason I feel out of it. It probably has to do with the weather changes that are going on and the fact I had dose myself with Nyquil for the 2nd night in a row because I started coughing after I laid down. So don't need this right now.

Any suggestions on how to keep this away until after the con?


Had another funky dream last night. This time it was sort of Farscape themed, it had John Crichton in it, but for some reason everyone was talking about a fair, fishing and socks. Oh and there was a HUGE fish in it, I'm talking the size of a house. (I think that was influenced by reading about the Bumble in Cret's story just before bed.*g*) Go figure. lol

And this was snurched from life_on_queen, by the way Congratulations!!!

What The Hell Happened Last Night?
LJ Username
What did you drink?
You wake up in the morning next to: john__crichton
...who is wearing: the scars of a severe whipping
...and rolls over to you to say: How the heck did you manage to sleep with those wrist cuffs on?
...and then: uses your PC to check LiveJournal
This QuickKwiz by joneccleston - Taken 128652 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

I think I can live with this. *vbg*

ETA: As I told Kerne last night, I was being a nosey wench on a couple websites to see if I could find out what secret project DK is working on, and discovered (this is NOT DK's project by the way) that they're filming Ghost Rider in Melbourne and filming wraps up in March. I know there are quite a bit of comic book aficionados on my Flist and figured I'd pass on the news. I've never read this one myself, but I heard it was badass.

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